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About Benefit Kitchen

Benefit Kitchen is a financial literacy app that connects working families with a path out of poverty. In ten minutes, a head-of-household can learn about potential eligibility and dollar amounts for up to eighteen federal, state, and local benefits. Download it for iOS and Android or visit in a standard phone or desktop browser:

It is also a technology platform with applications in healthcare (revenue cycle and population health), banking (fintech, financial literacy, and the underbanked), nonprofits (benefit acquisition programs), and retail (creating disposable income for employees and shoppers). We help families so they don't have to choose between filling prescriptions or filling the cupboards.

In the U.S. there are currently 10.5 million families living in poverty. But $80B in benefits are left on the table every year. In New York and California, only half of eligible families receive SNAP and a mere 7% of eligible families receive all of the top three benefits (SNAP, childcare, and healthcare). Benefit Kitchen helps close this knowledge gap and empowers families to apply for (and receive) the benefits for which they're eligible.

To get started follow these steps:

  • The app runs right you in your desktop/phone browser! Visit
  • Log in using your email address or Google account (if you're already logged into Google, it'll let you right through to Benefit Kitchen!).
  • Go through the screening and answer some questions about your family and income (this information is private and anonymous).
  • See your benefit eligibility and budget tools.
  • Make decisions about which benefits you want to apply for.

Benefit Kitchen's APP is currently live in New York, California, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, and Arizona (learn more about the states we're currently serving). We've got a "lite" version running in Virginia too. We also have APIs that are running in several states. If you'd like us to come to your state soon, let us know! (

As a social enterprise, we reinvest the majority of our profits to maintain sustainability and expand our service to ensure that as many Americans as possible can get the benefits they've earned.


Why we're doing this:

THE PROBLEM: Nobody wins in the current system. Families are in the dark about benefits, $80B (that's EIGHTY BILLION DOLLARS) in benefits are unclaimed each year, and 10.5M families live in poverty.

THE SOLUTION: We're illuminating a path. By meeting families with information in their time of need. We provide just-in-time information, referrals, budgeting, and planning tools. We also serve the organizations that serve low-income families with caseworker tools, budget visualizations, outcomes management, and APIs.

What's a "Screener"?

Our benefit screener asks you about your family, income, and expenses and then uses state-of-the-art algorithms to determine potential eligibility for up to eighteen federal, state, and local benefits. In just ten minutes families can learn about eligibility and dollar amounts for:


Medicaid & ACA eligibility and copay for adults and kids.


Eligibility and dollar benefit amounts for SNAP and WIC


Copay and eligibility for school- or state-based childcare.


Headstart and school meals eligibility.


Lifeline and HEAP can help you pay for basic utilities.

Taxes Credits

EITC, CCTC, and CTC can help families pay down debt.

How it works

First, start with a screening. We don't ask for any personally identifiable information. After you provide information about where you live, your family, income and expenses, we'll provide a list of benefits and estmiated dollar amounts. Finally, review your budget and make decisions about which benefits to apply for. Use the resource pages to learn how.



We ask you several questions about your family, income, expenses


Benefit Outcomes

Then we provide a report of benefit eligibility and amounts.


Budget Overview

Before and after budgets take benefit eligibility into account.

Benefit Kitchen LLC has worked with large and small partners across the country.

We'd love to work with you too! Be in touch at

We’ve been building caseworker-facing benefit screening tools for fifteen years. During that time we’ve been in the press and worked with many national and local 501.c.3 (nonprofit) organizations and for-profits. These are some of our partners from over the years.

Citi Foundation funds WINGS' economic empowerment programs in Dallas that use our tools. We have extensive programs going with the United Way (especially in California). Groups like Rubicon Programs and The Financial Clinic have used our tools. NYT and MIT Tech Review have written about our work with NYC non-profits. We have worked with and developed prototypes for Robin Hood’s early Single Stop project. Benefit Kitchen has presented at NY Tech Meetups and won BigApps NYC. In 2016 Benefit Kitchen was in cohort 1 at Civic Hall Labs and cohort 7 at CivicX (Points of Light foundation).

Counselors Love us!

Screening and follow-up is an excellent service to offer new clients when they walk in the door. Benefit Kitchen works on the desktop too. New clients can be added to a counselor’s roster via an account number and unique PIN (provided by the client). Follow-up happens via the app… no need for time-consuming phone or in-person follow-ups. That time can be spent working on clients’ needs rather than updating the system!

Benefit Kitchen screens for:

  • Medicaid eligibility and copay amounts (for adults and children),
  • ACA/Obamacare eligibility (for adults and children),
  • Food Stamps eligibility and dollar amounts,
  • WIC eligibility and dollar amounts,
  • HeadStart eligibility,
  • School meals eligibility,
  • Subsidized childcare eligibility and copay amounts,
  • Utility assistance eligibility and dollar amounts,
  • Public assistance eligibility and dollar amounts,
  • State and federal tax liability,
  • Federal, state, and local tax credits (CCTC, CTC, EITC) eligibility and tax credit amounts.

The algorithms that determine eligibility are updated regularly and highly accurate (often to the dollar). Our APIs allow organizations to build screening into their own sites. We can also white-label the Benefit Kitchen app for organizations.


Contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

+1 212 849 2773 (call/text)

358 7th Avenue
Box 131, Brooklyn, NY
(Proudly made in New York!)

Twitter: @benefitkitchen
Facebook: benefitkitchenapp

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